Fireproof Drywalling

Fireproof Drywalling

Fireproof drywalling is used in areas where fire my damage sensitive.
- Dividers of Equipment rooms | Documentation | Shopping Centers 
Room | Office | Buildings | Homes and Ceilings.
- Fireproof drywalling has a Fire resistance up to 180 minutes.
- Minimal wall thickness with optimal fire resistance.
- Tested in accordance with SANS 10177:2.
Accommodates service within the drywall cavity.
- Environmentally friendly products
- Ability to achieve a smooth finish.

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Fireproof drywalling

Fire Protection
Fire starts when a flammable and/or a COMBUSTIBLE MATERIAL along with
adequate supply of OXYGEN or another oxidizer are subjected to enough HEAT
• Fire will sustain only if there is a supply of Heat-Oxygen-
Fuel forming the Fire Triangle
• Removing any one component from the triangle will prevent a fire from
starting or will douse it Fire protection is achieved by 2 measures:
- Active measure
- Passive measures
Active Measures
These are the measures which are directly involved in controlling the fire directly.
• Smoke Alarms; Sprinklers; dry risers
• Automatic opening ventilation
• Automatic communication to fire station
Passive Measures
These are the measures which control the spreading of the fire from one side of the surface
to the other .
How is Passive Fire Protection achieved?
• Compartmentalisation of fire through the use of walls and their components that bear a
prescribed fire resistance
• Structured to facilitate emergency evacuations and protection.
• Protect the structure of a building and lives of occupants by reducing or preventing
internal or external fire spread.
• Provide easy access for fire fighting personnel to the affected buildings
- Elements of construction which provide fire resistance
- Compartmentation
- Limiting external fire spread
The spread of fire within a building can be restricted by sub-diving it into compartments
separated from one another by walls and/or floors of fire resisting construction. The
objective is twofold :
• To prevent rapid fire spread, which could trap occupants in the building.
• To reduce the chance of fires becoming large, which is more dangerous-not only
to occupants and fire service personnel, but also to people in the vicinity of the

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