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Drywalling is a cost effective way to partion off - Domestic,Commericial and Indusrial

Environment with the least amount of damage to the building. Various design elements can be introduced to create a aesthetically pleasing space.

Fast erection with almost no damage to structure.Cost efficient and much less the building. 

TMGSA is a registered and certified drywall installer.

COC - Certificate of Complanse is availbe on request.

Meaning that system used is compliant for is intended use.


Is the most commonly used to partition system in the Domestic, Commercial and Industrial environment.
Drywall is fast to erect

Drywalling Construction

RhinoBoard 12.5mm
Steel track
Steel studs
Aluminum head channel
Aluminum / Wood skirtings

Soundproof Drywalling

Used where noise level are high or privace is needed. 
Dividing a room or section of house
Commercial | Industrial
 Office in warehouse Office in Pacaking plant
Office in production area

Drywalling - Soundproof Construction

Gyproc Soundblock 12.5mm to 15mm
Isover Cavitybatt - 51mm | 65mm | 110mm
Steel track
Steel studs

Fireproof Drywalling

Used in areas where fire my damage sensitive equipment, documentation, shopping centres and room dividers in homes.

Drywalling Fireproof 

Gyproc FireStop 12.5mm to 15mm
Ultimate U-Thermo board
0.5mm Galvanised sheet
Fireproofing isover