Soundproof Drywalling

Soundproof Drywalling

Dividing a room or section to reduces noise.
Soundproofing drywalling for
Accounting offices
Office in warehouse
Office in Packing plant
Office in production area

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Soundproof Drywall 

Acoustic stud option for enhanced acoustic performance 

Range of stud options to match performance requirements

High levels of sound insulation with minimum space utilization

Lightweight system solutions

Accommodates services within the drywall cavity

Soundproof drywalling is a non-load bearing single frame drywall system that provides
high levels of sound insulation.

The system can be specified in many types of buildings, both new-build and refurbishment.

Soundproof drywalling is Fire resistance up to 30- 120 minutes. 

What is Acoustics 

Principles of building acoustics
Building acoustics is the science of controlling noise in buildings, including the minimisation of noise
transmission from one space to another and the control of noise levels and characteristics within a
space. Noise can be defined as sound that is undesirable, but this can be subjective and depends on
the reactions of the individual. When a noise is troublesome, it can reduce comfort and efficiency. If a
person is subjected to noise for long periods, it can result in physical discomfort or mental distress.
The best defence against noise is to ensure that proper precautions are taken at the design stage and
during construction of the building. The correct acoustic climate must be provided in each space and
noise transmission levels should be compatible with usage.

The acoustics can be achieved by:
• Sound absorption
• Sound insulation
Sound absorption
Sound absorption is the term given to the loss of sound energy on interaction with
a surface. Sound absorbent surfaces are used to provide the correct acoustic
environment within a room or space. By converting some of the sound energy into
heat, sound absorbing material also helps sound insulation because less noise
is transmitted to other rooms.

Sound insulation
Sound insulation is the term describing the reduction of sound that passes between two spaces
separated by a dividing element. In transmission between two spaces, the sound energy may pass
through the dividing element (direct transmission) and through the surrounding structure (indirect or
flanking transmission). In designing for sound insulation, it is important to consider both ways of
transmission. The walls or floors, which flank the dividing element, constitute the main paths for
flanking transmission

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