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GypWall® CLASSIC is a standard drywall partition system that is lightweight, non-loadbearing and quickly assembled on site. It provides cost-effective, multi-purpose wall solutions suitable for all types of buildings.

fireproof drywalling
Fireproof drywall

Due to its ability to maintain strength of walls even in high temperatures, the Fireproof drywall are used as the main components.
The system supplies your walls with the strength to resist fire while containing the flames, preventing it from spreading.

soundproof drywalling
Soundproof drywall

This system is used in a variety of applications to meet various levels of acoustic performance according to building requirements. By using Soundproof drywall for Acoustic , you will get a calm and comfortable atmosphere.

soundproof drywalling

There are 2 types Flush ceiling and H-Joint ceilings. 
Flush plaster ceiling is a 9mm board which joint are plastered
H-Joint system is 6mm board with exposed joint strip

soundproof drywalling
Suspended ceiling

This system uses a special gypsum board for the ceiling in order to provide the maximum final result. This system also combines impact resistant features, various designs with unique aesthetics, and sound absorption capabilities . The grid ceiling system is suitable for use on regular or standard ceiling surface types.

soundproof drywalling
Bulkhead ceilings

Bulkhead ceilings is build and designed as ceiling application in commercial and residential. There are 2 main types Center Bulkhead ceiling and Side all round bulkhead ceiling. 

project managment
Managing your Project

TMGSA Projects gives our Clients a Full insight of there project.
Our project management Software system comes with integrated App function for Android and Apple phones.


Painting of Buildings, Warehouse, Steel structures with airless spray system. Saves money and time. Smooth finish 

Electrical Service

aluminium doors
Aluminium Systems

We are Aluminium Manufacture
Aluminium doors
Stacking doors
Sliding doors
Custom builds

Steel work
Steel work

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building design
Design - Architecture - Engineering Services

TMGSA is a registered member we provide the relevant construction work, as per the required standards, to obtain occupation certificates for commercial, industrial, and retail buildings. We also refer to specialist consultants for the following services to achieve occupancy compliance: 
• Architecture
• Fire Engineering
• Electrical Engineering
• Mechanical Engineering
• Town Planning

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