Bulkhead ceilings

Bulkhead ceilings

Bulkhead ceilings is build and designed
as ceiling application in
commercial and residential sectors including
retail outlets,hospitals, schools,
hotels, restaurants.
With adaptable configurations the
System is suitable for curved &
raised bulkheads and ideally suited to
create special lighting effects.
Bulkheads are the latest way of putting life to
modern homes
through unlimited applications.
You can use it for any part of your home –
kitchen, dining area, living area, study room, etc.
For a kitchen in an open plan setting,
it defines the part tastefully.
Using a recessed light feature for a
bulkhead makes it more beautiful.

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Bulkhead Ceiling Uses
A bulkhead ceiling refers to the section of the ceiling that is intentionally lowered and enclosed. There are different shapes and sizes of bulkheads that can be custom made to align with your intended design. 

Why Choose a Bulkhead Ceiling Style?

Bulkhead ceilings can be used to create visual balance to a space by filling gaps or concealing services. They can also be specially crafted design features that can help divide a room, be a point of interest, or even create better air circulation. It is a good idea to talk to your builder or contractor about where such ceilings might be needed in your design. Below, we have listed a number of creative ways that you could include bulkhead ceilings in your commercial or residential spaces.

Special Issue

Enclosing a range hood in your kitchen is a great way to seamlessly blend visual elements together. By hiding the range hood with bulkhead ceilings, you can line it up with the kitchen cabinets. This helps you maintain clean lines and visual cohesion if you are looking to achieve a contemporary, sleek style. Alternatively, a bulkhead that houses a range hood could be placed directly over a kitchen island, transforming it into a focal point.

Feature pendant lighting

Placing a bulkhead ceiling over your island bench or dining area helps to define the space and its function. This also gives you the opportunity to feature pendant or recessed lighting while concealing the wires. A bulkhead can be designed to reflect the size and shape of the island it hangs above, thus creating visual balance. It is a great option for open-plan kitchens or living areas to help create an illusion of enclosure.

Highlight cornices                        

Bulkhead ceilings can be added to make decorative cornices stand out. They can also be used to create the illusion of a shadowline ceiling, which is a more subtle, contemporary design effect.

Highlight speaker systems

You can seamlessly blend speakers and sound systems into a room by concealing it using bulkhead ceilings. This also allows you to keep the wires out of sight, perfect for an at-home cinema experience.

Add decorative flair                     

Bulkhead ceilings can be decorated or enclosed in different kinds of material, allowing you to add texture, colour, and dimension to an otherwise visually bland space. Using different materials to enclose the bulkhead, like timber slats or joinery, makes the ceiling feature really stand out against the rest of the space, which can turn it into a design accent.

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