Steel Brandering is a modern, alternative to timber brandering for flush plastered ceilings and bulkheads.
Steel Brandering is the precision it allows due to the straightness and evenness of the profiles making this a preferred option for installers.
Eco-friendly alternative instead of using scarce environmental resources
Straightness and levelling of the ceiling during installation is improved and made easier
Steel does not age, warp, rot or deteriorate over time
Longer-life span as not susceptible to wood borer and other termites

flush ceiling tmgsa
suspended ceiling

Suspended Ceilings


Suspended ceilings application including offices, retail outlets, hospitals, schools, hotels and restaurants. The sections have a 24mm white capped face and a 38mm stalk for fixing the grid.
Features and benefits include:-

high quality hot-dip galvanised steel with a pre-painted capping which ensures effectiveness against corrosion
positive lock coupling with an audible click re-usable
stepped end cross tees that prevent tee rotation
mid-span deflection not exceeding 1/360 of the span length

bulkhead ceilings


Bulkheads is build and designed as ceiling application in commercial and residential sectors