Advantages of having a bulkhead


Bulkhead ceiling has got several important advantages such as:

Adds style and beauty to your interiors

Can be removed easily in times of repair

Economical and better than renovation

Available in different colors and materials

Allows easy installation of lights

Provides soundproofing

Easy to install

Conceals different services like roof plumbing, electrical wires, etc

bulkhead ceilings


Bulkheads is build and designed as ceiling application in commercial and residential sectors including, retail outlets, hospitals, schools, hotels, restaurants. With adaptable configurations the System is suitable for curved & raised bulkheads and ideally suited to create special lighting effects.

Bulkheads are the latest way of putting life to modern homes through unlimited applications. You can use it for any part of your home – kitchen, dining area, living area, study room, etc. For a kitchen in an open plan setting, it defines the part tastefully. Using a recessed light feature for a bulkhead makes it more beautiful.BULKHEADS